49 inch 4K UHD enhanced virtual pinball machine

This pinball machine is found in the better equipped gamehalls and arcadecenters. Maintenance free, cutting-edge technology and always ready for the future through automatic updates.

 4.950,00 ex.

full sized williams wide body pinball !

straight out of the gamehalls !

These are the professional machines you find in the better equipped gamehalls and arcadecenters . To get the best electronic pinball experience you need to have crystal clear imagery , perfect sound and superb CGI artwork. This machine has it all and more …..

featuring : full sized tilted 49″ LCD 4K play area , 4 times sharper than high definition – tempered glass – gold plated leafspring arcade-style buttons – mega sound system.

features & specifications

4K ultra 49 inch LED panel

your main playing field is a seamless whopping 49 inch 4K LED powerhouse that gives you ultra-bright edge-to-edge graphics with fast refresh rates for superfast ball-action.

The backpanel boasts a 32″ LCD panel for your backdrops, story lines and game info.

below that you’ll find a third 16 inch LCD as DMD (dot matrix display) simulator with scores and game updates.

design it the way you like it

Our machines normally come standard with randomly selected artwork. For 5 machines or more we can customise the artwork for you in any way you want (we can use your custom made graphics , company logo’s etc. or our design team can work with you to create the artwork you want. )

For single machine orders you can not use customised artwork, but you can upgrade artwork from random standard to a any of the premium designs from the list.

built in coin acceptor

Yes, that’s right ! You can make money with this machine. A full featured computer controlled coin acceptor is also included with this machine.

You can set your game selection to free games or you can select paid games. In free games mode you simply push a button to simulate a coin being paid. In paid mode you collect money for every game paid.

Home-use : It’s the perfect piggy bank. Put some money away for later each time you play.

professional use : Make a handsome profit as this machine pays for itself over and over and over again. Simply unpack the machine, plug it in, set it to paid mode and start collecting coins.

The coin acceptor will automatically detect EURO’s , DOLLARS and other coins. Simply place a coin of choice in the built-in coin analizer and the machine will do the rest.

List of games

So you wanted to know which games you can all play with your new pinball machine ? Do you have a few hours ? Technically the amount of playtables are unlimited as you can download more tables yourself. Below is a sample list with over hundreds of meticulously designed quality pinball simulations. You can download these and additional games any time you want. Scroll down for FX3 games too, and then better plan your week off now for when your machine arrives ! You’re gonna need it.

weight :120 Kg
power :110 volts – 220/240 volts
dimensions :139 cm x 81 cm x 190 cm
games included :1107 games in 1
CPU :I3 9100F
motherboard :H310M
storage :240 GB SSD
video driver ::GT750Ti ( optionally GTX 1050TI 4G )
RAM :8 Gb DDR 4
force feedback :no
plunger :analog to digital control
nudge / tilt :software
main playfield :4K – 49 inch ( 124 cm )
backpanel :32″ 1080p LED Backglass Monitor
DMD :Full Color 15.6″ LED DMD
ambient :RGB lights under cab (optional)
amplifier :2 Channel Amplifier with Bass, Treble, volume and balance Controls
sound :4″ Coaxial Speakers 2x
payment :coin operated (can be simulated) + free games (FX3)
form of payment

10% discount – to wait a bit longer (60-120 days), 15% discount – best price for delayed delivery (120-150 days), 25% downpayment – I pay the rest later & arrange my own transport, I pay in full now – 45-60 days build queue

Tout est parfait. De la commande à la réception. Suivi parfait. Équipe professionnelle réactive et rassurante. A bientôt pour de nouvelles commande. Merci madeforarcade.
regis daube
regis daube
La prise de contact est simple et rapide. Patron a l'écoute du client et connaît ce qu il vend. La machine achetée tourne parfaitement et ne présente aucuns défauts d utilisation ou de construction. Il y en a pour toutes les bourses. Complètement dans mes attentes, le son de qualite et le monnayeur est un plus dans ma recherche de la nostalgie.
Een mini claw besteld en in slechts 2 werkdagen geleverd zonder beschadigingen! Altijd vriendelijk geholpen geweest op mijn vragen, zelfs 's avonds laat en in het weekend. Duidelijke handleidingen aanwezig. Ze hebben ook een showroom waar je eventueel de toestellen kunt uittesten. Zeker een aanrader als je buitenlandse grijpkasten wilt kopen zonder gedoe met douane & hoge verzendkosten, koop het lekker lokaal bij made for arcade! Een onderneming vol met ambitie, doe zo verder!
Giuseppe Dilonardo
Giuseppe Dilonardo
We have ordered a 4K virtual pinball machine with 4 screens. Everything went perfectly, each contact with the team was quick and conclusive. Pinball has arrived to us in Switzerland. We chose to take a local carrier as it seemed easier for everyone. The pinball machine is fantastic and we don't regret our purchase. It's a pity that we can't modify the parameters of the tables (encrypted files). We definitely recommend Madeforarcade for any purchase.
Martin Schneider
Martin Schneider
Freundliches Kompetentes Team, tolle Maschinen und gute Preise
Sofie Lappas
Sofie Lappas
Liten och smidig klomaskin, alla funktioner man skulle kunna tänka sig finns där! Robust, byggd i metall och glas. Älskar min klomaskin!
supergave wallmount besteld by made for arcade. Gaan hem zelf een klein beetje aanpassen maar top geleverd in houten pallet.
Can Uslu
Can Uslu
Very professional interaction, I ordered a bar-top machine and it arrived with no issues. Very high quality product, which will cut into my reading and TV time :) but my sons will love it and I can show them games I grew up with!!
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